Free-Form SiP

Chiplet arrangement Chiplet detail

We are conducting research on computer systems that are composed of multiple small chips and whose shape and function can change freely. Each chip communicates wirelessly to grasp the positional relationship with adjacent chips and the shape of the entire system. The shape and function of the entire system can be changed by changing the layout and type of chips. Until now, computer systems consisted of solid substrates and packages, and their functions were fixed. We have proposed such a flexible computer system and are exploring new applications such as ultra-small microrobots and a user interface that utilizes the shape change of the computer system itself.

  • Junichiro Kadomoto, Hidetsugu Irie, Shuichi Sakai: A RISC-V Processor with an Inter-Chiplet Wireless Communication Interface for Shape-Changeable Computers, IEEE Symposium on Low-Power and High-Speed Chips and Systems (COOL Cnips), Apr. 2020.
  • Junichiro Kadomoto, Hidetsugu Irie, Shuichi Sakai: WiXI: An Inter-Chip Wireless Bus Interface for Shape-Changeable Chiplet-Based Computers, IEEE International Conference on Computer Design (ICCD), pp. 100–108, Nov. 2019.


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