xSIG 2022

S. Sugita, T. Amano, and T. Yoshita of our graduate students presented their research results at The 6th cross-disciplinary Workshop on Computing Systems, Infrastructures, and Programming (xSIG 2022) held at Kaikyo Messe Shimonoseki and online on July 27th. These researches have been received the following awards;

  • Best Research Award
    1. S. Sugita, T. Koizumi, R. Shioya, H. Irie, S. Sakai:
      Instruction Placement Strategy for Efficient Dataflow in STRAIGHT Architecture
    2. T. Yoshita, T. Nakamura, J. Kadomoto, H. Irie, S. Sakai:
      Microarchitecture Design and Soft Core Implementation of On-Demand Approximate Processor
  • Outstanding Effort Award
    1. T. Amano:
      Scalability Evaluation of STRAIGHT Microarchitecture in ASIC Implementation



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