STRAIGHT: Highly Efficient General-purpose Processor Architecture

We investigated a novel computer architecture called “STRAIGHT”, which improves the processor efficiency and performance. The proposed architecture features a unique instruction set that does not cause register overwriting, allowing programs that do not fit graphics processing units or domain-specific accelerators to be executed flexibly, quickly, and efficiently. The evaluation of the prototype soft-core is achieved by integrating the instruction set specification, compiler algorithm, hardware execution model, and design description (RTL). We showed that STRAIGHT has better performance and characteristics than the existing RISC soft-cores of the same scale. Presently, we are attempting to make the specification and the reference design open so that users and companies can try and deploy this new processor architecture.

  • Hidetsugu IRIE, Daisuke FUJIWARA, Kazuki MAJIMA, and Tsutomu YOSHINAGA: “STRAIGHT: Realizing a Lightweight Large Instruction Window by using Eventually Consistent Distributed Registers”, Int. Workshop on Challenges on Massively Parallel Processors, pp. 336 — 342, Dec., 2012.


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