Work Support Interface using Optical See-Through HMD

Head Mounted Display(HMD) is becoming a major device in Augmented Reality(AR) or Virtual Reality(VR) scenes, because of its ability to show images in a stable position within a field of view without binding hands. In addition, HMD can be a sensor platform that reflects user’s purpose, because of its ability to detect user’s head orientation without binding hands. HMD can be divided into a sealed HMD, which shuts off user’s natural view, and an optical see-through HMD, which overlays virtual objects on user’s view. The latter makes it possible to support users constantly in daily life.

However, HMD’s advantages in portability and hands-free are spoiled when used in current interface, such as a keyboard or a touch panel. So an interface that can transmit user’s intention more intuitively under various conditions is needed.

In this research, we are developing an intuitive operation-supporting interface with optical see-through HMD, which is user-friendly to anyone in various conditions using a part of processing.

We proposed the system that recognizes sounds and shows the related icon to support people with hearing difficulties. Also, we examined the text input interfaces to enable the quick text input.


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