Research in the method Cooperating Devices by Intuitive Directions

As the size of the computer shrinks, everything is able to have the computing capability, and it has been common that an individual flexibly cooperates and manipulates multiple information devices, such as synchronizing data, outputting to a screen, and getting information. However, since devices are usually managed by logical names, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish which devices on the network are devices in front of users.

As the interaction method resolving this complexity in the times enclosed by a lot of information devices, we research an intuitive and secure device connection method using the physical location information.

In this research, we propose a system that connects and coordinates directly with devices by linking physical location information and logical information and referring to physical location. By using this system, a user with a smartphone can intuitively connect with the device, and can promote cooperation between the devices. In this system, the position of the device in the system including the user’s smartphone is measured. Thus, by viewing the device with the camera of the smartphone, the operation interface is displayed on the device. Since the position information of the device and the logical information necessary for connecting it are linked and managed, it is possible to directly connect and cooperate with it by operating this interface, and the user can intuitively connect the devices and cooperate with them.

This year, we built an indoor positioning environment using UWB (Ultra-Wide Band) and implemented and evaluated an AR (Augmented Reality) application of smartphone that displays on the device an operation interface conforming to the positioning information. Furthermore, we examined the configuration for implementing this system.


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