Exercise Support by Posture Understanding and Speech Generation

There are many people feeling the lack of exercise now. When they exercises for cancelling the lack of exercise, it is desirable to exercise with the appropriate protagonist who can guide proper exercise for obtaining effects of exercise and avoiding the possibility of injury. However, the exercise support system that can carry out a right activity easily is necessary because it is not easy to prepare for such an environment.
The feedback of the general exercise support system is confined to a visual thing and is short in concreteness because it depends on the sight recognition ability of the person of exercise.
In this research, this system uses posture expression called Joint Relation Tensor (JRT) which is extracted body joint positions and has the robustness about the body type. This system gives a person of exercise the concrete feedback by the sound for improving the motivation and the technique of the person of exercise.
We have implemented and estimated the system which give the exercise evaluation and sound feedback for the relatively simple exercise called radio exercises.


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