STRAIGHT: Highly Efficient General-purpose Processor Architecture

STRAIGHT Processor appearanceSTRAIGHT Chiplet

We are researching the novel computer-architecture that promotes the further improvement of processors’ efficiency and performance, which is named “STRAIGHT.” The proposed architecture features a unique instruction set that does not cause register overwriting, so that even programs that do not fit GPUs or domain-specific accelerators can be executed flexibly, quickly, and efficiently. The evaluation of the prototype soft-core, which is achieved by integrating the instruction set specification, the compiler algorithm, the hardware execution model, and the design description (RTL), shows that STRAIGHT has superior performance and characteristics to the existing RISC soft-cores of the same scale as expected. Presently, we are conducting the development to make the specification and the reference design open so that many users and companies can try and deploy this new processor architecture.

STRAIGHT Architecture

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